Jenna B


  • Date Taken: 12/31/2021
  • Time Of Day: Midday
  • Method: Ice Fishing
  • Species: Smallmouth
  • Water Type: Lake
  • County: Roscommon County

Went on a four day walleye scout that didn’t prove to be eventful during Christmas break, so we decided to head back for New year’s eve for some revenge. Got on a short of a keeper spot for walleye, I was mid shovel of chips into my mouth when my rod doubled over and the drag started screaming. Instinctually, I didn’t want to choke on my chips, so I spat them out and engaged in the reel of what would soon be know as the reel of a lifetime.
I hate the cold, my feet get cold and I’m a sore loser, so I had pretty much given up and decided food was my saving grace. Once I had a fish on, I went into rescue mode. I didn’t know what I had, I was guessing since we were catching dink walleye that am, this would be the big papa, Wallie walleye, I was hoping for.
Once I was assured I wasnt choking on chips I began the ice dance to retrieve what was fighting my line. As it approached the hole, I saw…brown? I knew those colors and yelled “IT’S A GIANT SMALLIE OMG OMG OMG” My boyfriend got up and helped me ease the bass through the hole and grabbed it for me, I was in utter shock. I’ve only been used to catching gills and crappie, not summer, lake Erie sized smallmouth through the ice!
What a rush! It paid off getting up at 5am to catch this fish at 12:14pm in the afternoon!